About us

Benedict XVII is a concept born inspired by flavors, ingredients, technique and simplicity. It is complimentary to the surroundings, the season and the atmosphere. It is about creating a comfortable experience that expands your appreciation of food, drink and hospitality.


We thrive to be approachable with our menu selection. You will want to share with your friends and family, dishes that you’re happy to eat solo. The food is comforting and recognizable, but with enough of an edge you may try something new. It is inventive with old favorites from around the world. It is familiar, but with a twist. It isn’t about recreating a greatest hits list, it’s about adding to the repertoire, riffing on the classics, and giving clients a new perspective.

Our story


Benedict XVII cafe was born from a friendship between long time local restaurateur Rob Ittner, and chef Marco Gonzalez. They envisioned a place where good, healthy, honest food can be served in a privileged location where locals and tourists alike can enjoy a great breakfast, lunch and drinks at a reasonable price. Aspen has been craving great breakfast spots and The Cottage Aspen made a perfect home for this new adventure. We invite you to try our delicious chef driven creations.